who I am

My name is Mat, and I am a nature and wildlife photographer based in Salisbury, MA. Salisbury is a small coastal Massachusetts town with plentiful forests, beaches, and marshes nearby. This is where I grew up and there was no shortage of the natural world to explore.

As a child, my favorite pastime was venturing into the woods in search of wildlife, new trails, or anything else Mother Nature had to offer. Now that I’m an adult, well, still the same favorite pastime but less free time to pass. Oh, and fortunately I discovered photography so I can capture my experiences and share them with you!

Nature has always been integral to my life. My brain has a tendency to go way too fast and pull me in a million directions. However, the calmness and harmony of nature have always allowed me to slow down and embrace the moment. Nowadays, this is more important than ever with the stresses of my day job at the hospital.

– Mat


Nature has had a huge impact on my life, and I hope to be able to share even a small chunk of its vast beauty with you.


This is my passion and I love capturing these moments to share with you! Additionally, I hope to help protect our natural world by sharing its beauty and spreading awareness.