Gear List

Camera Bodies

The Nikon D7500 and D800 are both camera bodies that I use regularly. Typically, I use the D7500 for wildlife and the D800 for landscapes.


The Sigma 150-600mm continues to be the workhorse for most of my wildlife photography. I anticipate using this one for a while until I can move up to something like a 600mm f/4.


Photography is more than just cameras and lenses! Although I take 99% of my shots handheld without any filters, these accessories make the other 1% possible!

  • ICE ND1000 10-Stop Neutral Density Filter for Cokin P – Check Price
  • ICE CPL Circular Polarizer Filter for Cokin P – Check Price
  • Fotopro UFO Flexible Tripod – Check Price
  • K&F Concept 78-inch Aluminum Tripod (w/ monopod) – Check Price


I shoot RAW 100% of the time, so having excellent post-processing tools is very important for my workflow! On many photos I will use both Adobe and Topaz products.

  • Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop (photography plan) – Check Price
  • Topaz Denoise + Sharpen + Gigapixel (image quality bundle) – Check Price